WNDESIGN WEBSITE MASCHINENFABRIK BERNARD KRONE GMBH WEBSITE  Design of the reception desks, information desks and bar counters for KRONE stand during Agritechnica 2015 in Hannover, Germany. Study of the main units and the possible combinations. Study of the different materials, textures and colors. Wndesign, Spelle, Germany. Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone Gmbh, Spelle, Germany.
2010 14/ OPTIUP  Revival of the '60s, with a modern twist, Optiup is scenic backdrop that besides having the function of dividing rooms and spaces is proposed as a scenic object. The design reminds an optical style through the use of oval shapes, emphasized by the geometrical pattern of the honeycomb core of the material, creating an interesting play of lights and unexpected reflections. Its modular oval forms are connected together by elegant joints in steel designed ad hoc. The qualities of lightness, structurality and transparency make Optiup unique in its kind. Team project with Elisa De Berti and Elisa Sabrina Bizzotto. RIVOLI2 WEBSITE
IF-UNIVERSAL DESIGN WEBSITE HSH WEBSITE  WALL ME and DRAW me are products for children living in orphanages. The two could represent means to let children develop their creativity and imagination while keeping a sense of privacy if needed. WALL ME is a space divider for single and bunk beds. It consists of a frame with different modules which can be combined freely. DRAW ME is a drawer hanging under the bed. It can also become a little table by sliding the upper part of it and each child can keep his/her stuff in the removable straw basket inside the drawer. WALL ME and DRAW ME can be used with different aims, both for individual or social activities.
2012/ 011235  011235 comes from the idea of designing, exclusively through the laser cutting technology, a lamp through which you can create different plays of lights and reflections. One can get this by adjusting, partially, the light emission coming from the source. Inspired by the geometric and formal rules of the Golden Section. Team project with Matteo Gargioni.
2009 2011/ GLOSSES XTREMELY ORDINARY DESIGN 2011_ SALONE SATELLITE  Glosses is a cylindrical abat-jour which combines the concepts of freshness and elegance to an high visual impact structure. The resulting light is soft, enveloping and unique thanks to the texturization generated by its elements on the whole. Team project with Elisa De Berti and Elisa Sabrina Bizzotto.
2010/ SANDY SANDY  Sandy sandy is a wooden chair thought for a design-oriented market. The low prices and the flexibility to use make it suitable for a young audience. Ideal for the exterior, but also functional for the interiors, Sandy sandy switches from a comfortable seat to a relaxing chaise longue.
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