MASCHINENFABRIK BERNARD KRONE GMBH WEBSITE  Redesign of KRONE agricultural machinery Pavilion-Museum which faces Hotel Krone in Spelle, Germany. Characterization of the pavilion, so it could be noticed from the nearby road both by the drivers and the pedestrians and immediately recognized. The new entrance on the street side was emphasized with a portal and a sign. The most important elements that are cultivated by Krone machines, such as barley, wheat and maize, are placed as vertical graphic elements in front of the inner columns. The windows graphic shows the traditional everyday life in the fields. Wndesign, Spelle, Germany. Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone Gmbh, Spelle, Germany.
2015/ SCSV VENHAUS BAR WNDESIGN WEBSITE  Restyling project of the football team coffee bar Scsv Venhaus in Spelle, Germany. The main goals were: to create an environment which represents a meeting place before, during and after the games. To create identification in the team values. To express the team togetherness and participation for the players, families and friends. To bring the green of the exterior inside, and finally to increase the seating capacity. The arrangement of the furniture shows specific path directions, that act as a refer for the waiters to reach the seats easily. The Wall Decal with a football game graphic scene is the central element of the coffee bar. The bar counter design guides the customers entrance. The design of the tables is dynamic and asymmetric. Ongoing project.
 Renovation of Wedemark City hall interiors, including the entrance area, the flyers zone and the waiting room. Attention was focused on the history of the city and its community emphasizing also the use of solar energy in the building. Exhibition of the works at the City Hall, from 19 June to 16 August-2013. Project design, 3d model, photomontages: Lucia Francia Rendering: Marco Sassi  2013/ WEDEMARK_ SPAZIERGANG IM GRÜNEN
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